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What is an MIP?

A Multimedia Information Point (MIP) is a computer workstation with multimedia software installed in an enclosed structure. Only those elements required for access to MIP’s services are visible to users, i.e. either the keyboard and screen, or just the screen (in the case of touch-screen monitors).

The MIPs are made of resistant materials and their format is well adapted to the surroundings in which they will be located (indoors or outdoors). They are easy to use, as no computer skills are required to operate them, and their touch control facilitates interaction with users. Also, their design makes them easily identifiable, as well as being innovative and the latest technology, thus offering a large potential for customization.


MIPs are very efficient systems for information dissemination and collection. Apart from information, they can also provide any of the Internet services offered. If located correctly, they are extremely useful in providing tourist information, making reservations, buying tickets, using e-commerce services and telebanking, conducting surveys, sending e-mails or SMS, etc.

They are also being successfully used in administration (as virtual offices for payments and other administrative formalities); business and industry (to facilitate the work of staff, control stocks, etc); exhibition rooms (as multimedia art-piece containers or including information on the exhibition); etc.

A MIP offers you all the same services as traditional computer systems: printing, data recording, file downloading, information consultation, videos, games, music, surveys participation, search-engines access...