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Over a short period of time, MIPs have proven to be highly useful tools for collecting and disseminating information, as well as for contributing to gaining access to many instant services that are very helpful in different areas:

Local administration

  • Local information: Town Hall and services information for citizens through the Internet.
  • Online administrative processes: option to download official forms.
  • Communication channel between Town Hall officers and the people they represent.
Stores and business

  1. To buy and sell online: buying tickets, booking trips, e-commerce, etc.
  2. To promote local business sector: access to directories (professionals, stores, industry in certain areas, etc.)
  3. Access to telebanking services: deposits to accounts, transfers, direct billing, etc.
  4. Applications for production control
Culture, tourism and leisure

  1. Promoting local tourism: tourist information for those people in the area (what to see, cultural guide, events, where to eat, etc.).
  2. Online reservation and sales services: both for citizens and visitors.
Healthcare and services

  • Public health procedures through the MIP, connected to healthcare organizations websites: application for public health cards, appointment requests, doctor selection, waiting-lists consultation, etc.
  • Services related to transport, water supply, electricity, gas, telephone, postal deliveries, etc.
Other application areas

  • An MIP also provides you with all the facilities of traditional computer systems: Internet access, printing, data recording, files downloading, videos, games...