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What is an MIP? [+]
What are its uses? [+]
What areas can they be used for? [+]
Are computer skills required to use an MIP? [+]
Can a MIP offer the same things as traditional computer systems? [–]
A MIP provides you with all the facilities of a traditional computer system: printing, data recording, files downloading, videos, games, music, surveys participation, access to search-engines, etc
Is it possible to custom the design and/or computer equipment? [–]
Yes. All MIPs traded by Plexus Technologies can be customized at two levels. On the one hand, customers can freely choose those computer components they want to include in a certain model... On the other hand, they can customize the design of the structure by choosing its colour, paint etc... Besides, Plexus Technologies provides a custom design and manufacturing service for those customers who want to buy a unique and unrepeatable model. For further information on this service, please refer to the Custom Design section.
Who installs and maintains it? [+]
Are there different models? [+]
Is it possible to hire an MIP? [+]
Who should I contact with if I want to buy an MIP? [+]
How much does an MIP cost? [+]