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MIP Sitekiosk management software

Plexus Technologies is a PROVISIO partner, trading in Sitekiosk and Siteremote products for its customers.  

Sitekiosk characteristics:

  1. It includes a System Security Manager, which makes possible to manage PC access separately from the Sitekiosk itself.
  2. It facilitates free design of a start page, both in Internet and local
  3. It facilitates setting up a web search-engine
  4. It makes managing E-Mail easy
  5. It monitors printer use, so that it is possible to decide on the number of pages per print-out, the number of simultaneous print-outs, etc.
  6. It facilitates downloading, so that it is possible to minimize the terminal virus risk
  7. It allows different Internet connection modes
  8. It has its own screensaver, where different web pages can be displayed
  9. It includes a night self-maintenance system
  10. It includes touch-screen
  11. It allows the use of two screen monitors
  12. It manages webcam use
  13. It manages different payment modes (wallets, card readers), including pay-per-impression, pay-per-download, different payments per area,...
  14. It manages different payments depending on the day and the time zone
  15. It filters webpage contents through different criteria, with a database containing more than 65000 background up-dated words
Siteremote characteristics:

SiteRemote is a server-client solution to monitor and control the SiteKiosk-operated kiosks/systems remotely. Using the SiteRemote application (Microsoft Internet Explorer required), you can see and control your kiosks via Internet from any computer. Apart from providing real-time information on the terminal status, contents and sales, the application also makes it possible to monitor the hardware and software installed in the SiteKiosk machines. Using a simple interface, it allows file transfers, PC monitoring, etc.